All for one, economics for all!

On this platform you will find excerpts from the new booklets 'All for one, economics for all!' prepared in partnership with the Ministry of Education, University and Research as part of the 'Financial Education for Schools' project.

'All for one, economics for all!' is a training programme for teachers who wish to provide easy-to-understand and entertaining lessons on financial education to primary and middle school students. The teachers themselves become the 'pupils' of Bank of Italy experts and get help in preparing lessons for their students.

You will be able to look through two children's books, each five chapters long, in which five characters - four children and a dog - use plain language to explain some basic concepts such as what money is, and how to save and invest it. The books are accompanied by teaching aids, where teachers can find more in-depth information and useful advice on how to structure their lessons.

The book alternates between explanations of theory in simple terms and descriptions of their practical application, enabling young people to approach these topics based on their everyday experiences. Understanding what it means to save is easier if presented to them in terms of how to use their pocket money and barter makes sense when explained with the example of trading stickers.

The initiative was born of a desire to tackle the problem of Italians' lack of knowledge about economics and finance, starting with children. We need to understand basic concepts in order to make wise choices in everyday life.

Teachers interested in participating can contact their school principal or the closest Bank of Italy branch.