The third edition of Financial Education Month is under way!

Here we go! The third edition of Financial Education Month starts on Thursday 1 October!

The topic for this year is 'Financial choices at the time of COVID-19'. So, in a few days' time, there will be meetings, lessons, shows, debates and games all over Italy, mostly online, focusing on today's key words: COVID-19 and digitalization.

Some highly topical issues are common to all the initiatives: the effects of COVID-19 on personal finances, the solutions provided by digital finance, the choices for starting up again and the importance of planning your future. The public health emergency has conclusively shown us the economic and financial vulnerability of some population groups, such as the elderly, young people and women. It has also shown how important it is to know about insurance and pensions and how to programme resources in the medium and long term, to ensure stability in the future.

There is a busy calendar of events for answering your questions and curiosities regarding economics and finance, stimulating observations and, why not, giving you the chance to have a go at testing your knowledge. There will also be some themed meetings: 5 October will be Insurance Education Day, and the week of 26 to 31 October will look at pensions. The programme closes with the World Investor Week in the first week of November.

We'll be doing our part too: we've organized online events for both young people and adults. For example, we'll discover some economic and financial messages hidden between the lines of great literary classics and in the dialogues and scenes of some films, we'll talk about financial choices for women, about the secure use of electronic systems for online payments, and we'll find ways to engage middle and high school students with these topics.

Our events are open to all on request: you'll find out more on these webpages nearer to the time of the events but ... if you're curious you can find us, together with the other hundreds of events being promoted, on the calendar published on the QuelloCheConta website.