Watch out on Black Friday!

On 29 November, e-commerce websites will start their Black Friday sales, which spring from the US tradition of beginning Christmas season sales the day after Thanksgiving. In Italy, Black Friday means online shopping and is not limited to just one day. Do you know how to browse and shop safely?

According to some estimates, in 2018 Italians made online purchases amounting to €800 million, which is 23.6 per cent more than last year.

Here are some basic rules for safe payments: change your passwords regularly, do not let your browser automatically memorize your credentials, do not write down your passwords and do not share them with others, install an anti-virus software on your computer, smartphone or tablet, and ensure is up to date at all times. For more information have a look at the CERTFin website.

And remember that haste is a poor advisor, and the time it takes to click on something is probably not enough time to properly think about what you are buying and be sure it is what you need.

'Choose wisely', as Roberto Ciufoli reminds us in his endorsement!