Financial education in schools

The recommendations of the OECD (2005) and experience worldwide show how schools are an effective channel for transmitting financial education initiatives, knowledge and skills. They play a fundamental role since, on the one hand, they make it possible to reach a vast number of people and cover all areas of society and, on the other hand, they help tomorrow's consumers become familiar with financial topics before they need to make choices that will affect their economic well-being.

Young people today have to deal with far more complex financial situations and choices than their parents did at the same age. Financial education in schools can also have indirect benefits for families, as students may talk about these topics with their parents.

Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR) - Bank of Italy Project

On 6 November 2007, the Ministry of Education and the Bank of Italy signed a Memorandum of Understanding 'to launch an experimental project for teaching economics and finance in some pilot schools' designed to introduce this subject directly into school curriculums. The project has been reinforced, modified and revamped over the years to meet the needs of schools and respond to changes in the economic environment.

The project involves skills-based teaching and proposes a multidisciplinary approach; it provides specialized training courses for teachers at all school levels organized by Bank of Italy staff throughout Italy.

Teachers can then look at economic and financial topics in class with their students and make them part of the curriculum. The programme is also supported by free teaching resources, specially created by the Bank of Italy.

Teachers that take part in the meetings are exempted from work and receive a certificate of attendance. In accordance with Directive 170/2016 of the MIUR - Department for the Education System: Teaching and Training, the Bank of Italy is a public administration that can provide training courses for school staff that are recognized by the Ministry of Education.

You can ask for more information on how to take part in this programme from the Bank of Italy branches or you can write to

The Bank of Italy's educational booklets

As part of the financial education programme for schools, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the Bank of Italy has produced special booklets. The language and pictures take into account the need to present the content in a simple but thorough way.

The All for one, economics for all! booklets have been available for primary and secondary school students and teachers since 2020.

Discover our Educational booklets.