On the road with the Bank of Italy: Financial culture – People - Institutions

On the road with the Bank of Italy” is a journey through our country with several stops, aimed at promoting financial literacy, explaining the central bank's role, and fostering direct dialogue with people, businesses and institutions. What is inflation and how does it affect our wallets? How can you invest your savings while managing risks? What tools can protect you in your dealings with banks? What should you be cautious about when applying for a loan? How do different payment methods work, and who ensures their proper functioning? Who protects our savings and how? These are some of the questions addressed during the ‘On the road with the Bank of Italy’ meetings. The goal is to raise awareness of the fundamental economic and financial topics that are essential for effectively managing money and navigating current economic and financial events. Each stop is also an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the Bank of Italy and the work it does for individuals and the community, at local, national and international level.

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The Bank of Italy opens the doors of its branches to the public for guided tours and workshops, organizes meetings and public debates in important locations within cities, and promotes opportunities for discussion and in-depth exploration of specific topics for specific target groups (small businesses, migrants, students and so on). In all these events, the focus is on the audience, who always have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with experts from the Bank of Italy, whether in person or through an interactive app.

  1. Catanzaro
  2. Campobasso
  3. Salerno
  4. Sassari
  5. Catania
  6. Perugia
  7. Livorno
  8. Bolzano
  9. L'Aquila
  10. Verona


Each meeting or event is devoted to one of the following ten themes: the functions of the Bank of Italy; money management; financial knowledge for entrepreneurship; banking supervision and customer protection; how to deal with economic and financial misinformation; the financial system, monetary policy and inflation; payment systems and instruments; research and economic analysis; the central bank's contribution to economic and financial sustainability; and employment prospects with the Bank of Italy.

  • The adventure of money
    What is finance for?
  • We are not alone: customer protection and financial education
  • A new climate: towards sustainable economy and finance
  • From gold to the digital euro: money, payments and protection
  • Taking the pulse of the economy
    Presentation of regional economic reports
  • The financial culture of Italian people
  • Taking the pulse of the economy
    Southern Italy
  • Financial stability and customer protection
  • The Bank of Italy as an institution