Personal loan calculator

A personal loan is usually granted for general cash needs. The lender pays a lump sum to the consumer who then pays it back in instalments.

If you know the interest rate and how much you would need, this calculator lets you simulate the instalments you would pay depending on the frequency (monthly, quarterly, every six months or yearly) and the length of the loan.

In our simulation, interest rates don't change during the period of the loan and are calculated based on how often payments are made, i.e. monthly, quarterly, every six months or yearly.

The cost of a loan isn't just the interest to be paid but also fees and other expenses. Fees include, for example, the costs of starting and managing a loan; other expenses may be taxes or insurance. Fees and other expenses aren't included in our simulations.

To keep things simple we haven't put any limits on the interest rate that you can put in. Have a look at the Bank of Italy's website to see the limits above which interest rates are considered to be usurious. The rounding of decimal points may cause discrepancies in totals.

Just as a reminder, using this calculator doesn't guarantee that you'll be granted a loan. This assessment, together with that of the terms and conditions that will be applied in your case, is the responsibility of the bank or financial intermediary that you apply to for a loan.