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  1. 23 August 2022 : ESG ratings and the Tesla case

    Tesla, Inc. is a multinational company founded by renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk and specializing in the production of electric vehicles. Its mission is ‘to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy' and, therefore, the reduction of [...]

  2. 16 August 2022 : ESG and sustainable finance. What does this acronym mean?

    ESG. If you search Google for this acronym, you will get a whopping 201 million results (!): everybody talks about it, but maybe not everybody knows what it is really about. Literally, ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. Environmental, [...]

  3. 11 February 2022 : Stock market, stormy weather on the way from overseas? This is a good time to remember a few basic rules for prudent investing

    A big chill hit the American stock markets in January. The S&P 500, the index of the largest American companies, closed out the month down by 5.3 per cent, its worst performance since March 2020. The NASDAQ Composite Index, representative of the tech [...]

  4. 31 December 2021 : Year 2022 is here. Happy birthday, Euro!

    On 1 January 2002 we began to carry in our pockets a brand new currency. Do you remember? We got into the habit of converting the prices newly expressed in euros into their lira equivalents; some of us did it by rounding ('a euro is more or less 2,000 [...]

  5. 30 March 2023 : Interest rates rise again in March (as announced by the ECB)

    The European Central Bank (ECB) had already announced that it would raise its key interest rates by an additional 0.50 per cent in its meeting on 16 March. And so it did, in line with its determination to ensure the timely return of inflation to the 2 [...]

  6. 17 February 2023 : Interest-free payment plans, buyer beware!

    You may be among those who have already used this service: some e-commerce websites have started offering customers the option to pay for their purchases in instalments, interest-free. This is called Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL). It is a form of credit that [...]

  7. 9 November 2022 : Price stability

    Price stability relates to inflation, which is the rate at which the overall prices for goods and services change over time. More precisely, price stability means a low, stable and predictable inflation rate. Maintaining price stability is the primary [...]